If you are like me then you no doubt have a hard time with Paul when he gives us the description of conduct worthy of the gospel and using the example of Jesus.

Read: Philippians 2:16-17

Vs 16-Holding fast the word of life
We are to hold forth the Word of life as men hold forth a torch. Our shining is largely to consist in holding forth the Word of life

Reflect: What is it in my life that I am holding out to others?  What am I offering to others from my life that shows who God is?

Vs. 17-Literally a living offering?  Why?  It is for Gods pleasure and my benefit.

Into whom am I pouring out?  Am I helping another in deepening their faith?

"The word even found in most translations creates a thematic connection with 2:16: his current situation might call into question whether his effort was really worth it. Just like his response in 1:18, he responds to this question with rejoicing. In 2:18, he calls the Philippians to respond like him. In doing this, Paul once again redefines what success looks like for him (compare 1:21). Success does not require his comfort or even his continued existence. Success does not require the Philippians’ comfort or freedom from pain or hardship. In Paul’s view, success comes by allowing God to accomplish His purposes through our lives. Paul sees that in the midst of hardship, this will come about—that’s why it’s cause for rejoicing for him and the Philippians."

Runge, S. E. (2011). High Definition Commentary: Philippians (Php 2:12–18). Lexham Press.

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